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E.L.F Review and Swatches

I feel like I havent posted in ages even though it’s only been a bit over a week! The reason is because I got a new job! It was my first week last week and I absolutely love it! I guess I’m going to have to find a routine so I can go to work, gym then blog as I seem to struggle doing all three at the moment!

Back to the blog 😛

E.L.F has finally come to the UK! I’m probably a little behind but as soon as I found out, I rushed out to my closest Superdrug and grabbed a few products. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of foundations so I only brought a foundation, primer and concealer.


The first product I picked up was the tone adjusting face primer. There was no tester on this and there were so many to choose from so I was literally going on my own instinct. When I got home to try it, I was pleasantly surprised with a gorgeous smoothing texture that makes my face feel so matte! This cost £9.00 which is roughly what I would pay and I have to say, you’re definitely getting your moneys worth!

Next Is the foundation and I went for the Foundation Serum. I wasn’t sure which to go with at first and had my heart set on this one even though it looked slightly too dark in the bottle (again no tester). This product cost £9 and I’m so happy I went ahead with it. I’t looked dark on the bottle, but it is the perfect shade for my skin tone. It feels very smoothing and like it says on the bottle, it’s a serum. I’d say it has light to medium coverage but could definitely be buildable!

Last up is the HD Lifting Concealer. I LOVE Concealers and I was really impressed with the formula of this one! The only thing I was disappointed with was the fact you had a choice of three shades which are fair, medium and dark and there were no testers. I went for fair and when I tried it on my skin at home it was slightly too dark, so I wouldn’t recommend it for building. It does make a great under eye concealer as it is slightly orange toned.

Overall I’m really pleased with my first E.L.F products and am definitely going back for more!

What’s your favourite E.L.F products and which would you recommend?




Makeup for work days!

I don’t know about you guys but I’m never up early enough to do a full face of makeup for work, I just love my sleep way too much!. So now, I have come up with a routine that is quick and has me looking presentable.


First off after my skincare routine (I always make time for that) I apply a primer. This will help keep my skin hydrated, keep my makeup looking good, help it last longer and help fill in my cavernous pores.

After my primer has dried (this is sped up by fanning my face frantically) I then apply my foundation. Depending on my skin and its current condition, I will choose anything from a tinted cream to a regular foundation.


Next I’ll conceal my dark circles and any other horrific mark on my face. This is blended with a beauty blender. Please excuse the concealer palette, I’d clean it but it’ll only get messy again as I use it pretty much everyday!

I don’t usually bother with contouring when I go to work as I never have the time, so instead I’ll apply a bit of bronzer all over my face to give me a healthy glow and keep me from looking like something out of the Living Dead. After I’ll apply my favourite blush and finish off with a dab of highlighter under my eyes, cheekbones, forehead, bridge of my nose, Cupid’s bow and chin.


Next up I’ll do my eyebrows. If I have time to spare, I’ll use a brow palette and a brow defining gel. If not then I’ll just use the brow defining gel.


Mascara comes next. I’ll apply a few coats to boost the volume of my lashes and if I have enough time I’ll add some eyeliner. I never use false lashes for work as they take forever for me to put on!


Lastly I’ll finish off with a soft shade of lipstick or a lip balm to brighten up my face.

If I really am running late then I’ll skip the bronzer, blush  and highlighter and do it when I’m at work as it only takes a few minutes 🙂


Bourjois Radiance Concealer Review <3

Ok, so I am ridiculously fussy when it comes to concealers as I look for a product that gives good coverage and doesn’t cake on. I already had high hopes when I purchased this concealer as I have never been disappointed with any of their products before.

Firstly, the packaging is nice and simple. The product comes in a small compact jar-like tube with a silver lid. It’s quite cute!

The product itself is lovely! When applying it, it blends nicely, doesn’t cake on and still give good coverage whilst brightening the dark areas of my face.

I’d really recommend this product as it is just too perfect to miss out on!

Boots Haul

I went to Boots recently to have a look around and ended up buying a few products (no surprise there). I decided I’d go for a few different things to what I normally buy and I that I’d share them with you.


I’ll start with cosmetics. Bourjois is one of my favourite brands so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw that they had brought out a new foundation, I just had to buy it! It’s called ‘City Radiance’.



Next up is another Bourjois product. This one is their ‘Radiance Reveal’ concealer. Again like the foundation, it is new and I had to buy it!



On to skincare products. I was curious about Boots own brand as I have never used a stores own brand before so I decided I’d try it out. I brought a small exfoliating sponge (not pictured as I have just used it), a 3-minute cucumber clay mask and the cucumber facial wash. Not bad for a 3 for £3 deal! I also decided I’d try a new moisturiser as my skin had been playing up a lot. The one I decided to go for was Eucerin for Oily and blemish Prone skin.

MUA Pro-Base palette Review

Hi all!

I know this is my second post today but I have a lot of products I’d like to review.

The product that I will be reviewing today is the MUA Pro-Base palette. I’m not sure how I feel about this product, it cost me £3, which wasn’t much and I would say I got my money’s worth.

Within the first day of me having it the case began to fall apart. The plastic window cover fell out which I had to sellotape back on to prevent bits getting into the concealer.

I’m not quite sure what all the colours are for but I’ve been using the green for redness and the orange for my dark circles. The orange works really well, it covers well so I have no complaints about it. The green on the other hand wasn’t as good. It’s quite a liquidy consistency (to liquidy for concealer) and when apply it I find I have to build it up in order to see some coverage which uses up a lot of product as I have only used it a few times and am already seeing the silver under tray of the palette.

It’s not a terrible product, but I wouldn’t say it’s a good one either. I brought an unbranded concealer palette from Amazon for £2.50 which I definitely prefer.

I wouldn’t recommend this product but good try MUA! ❤

Much love,


Make Up Revolution The One Review

Hey everyone!

So this product I brought in my recent mini haul and it was labelled the dupe, and as soon as I saw that it was based on Benefits Fake-Up, I just had to have it. It seemed too good to be true at £3.


I’m still not sure what I think about this product as it wasn’t as close to Fake-Up as I thought it would be. When I first used it I also thought that it would have been the last time as I was not impressed with it.

It went on in a sort of liquidy, mushy-like consistency. I put this down the the vitamin E gel around the concealer being too much. The formula is definitely very different too. When I blended it in, I was almost irritated as it hadn’t concealed anything! It felt like I had applied it, rubbed it off and then it left a little oily patch behind.

I don’t think I’d be buying this product again but good on Revolution for giving it a go!

Much love,

Carrie x

My Mini Cosmetic Haul

Hi guys!

Sorry for the recent inactivity, not only has it been a busy weekend I’ve also been sick with the cold!!

Not so long ago, I went out and brought a few products and figured I’d share my purchases with you 🙂 It was quite a cheap shop as I do love a bargain 🙂


First up, I brought a new pair of false lashes as I seem to mislaid my favourite Eyelure pair.These only cost me 99p and look awesome! I haven’t tried them yet but when I do I’ll definitely be reviewing them.



Next up is Nailene super glue. I use this stuff all the time as I wear false nails a lot! It’s great and so handy to have, not only have I used it to glue my nails back on, I’ve also used it to fix the odd shoe or two!



Now on to the make up. I decided I’d try a brand I’ve not tried before so went for the pressed powder by Revolution. This only cost £3 so I’m super excited to try it to see how it looks.



Another product I purchased was the MUA Pro-Base. I’ve brought form MUA before, but only the odd lipstick or two (which were surprisingly good for £1!!!) so I decided I’d take the leap and buy a face product. This only cost me £3 so I’m looking forward to trying it as I was looking for something like this and was considering a more expensive alternative. It has different coloured concealers to be used to conceal different parts of your face (green for redness, orange for dark circles etc).


I brought this concealer by Revolution as it claimed to be a dupe but didn’t say or which product. When I took the lid off to see if I could guess which product, it was clear to see that it was a dupe of Benefits Fake-up so I decided that for £3, I’d snap it up straight away to see if it was any good or not. I’m really excited to see if this is a perfect dupe as then I’d only have to pay £3 instead of the usual £21!!



Last but not least, I have a mascara by Revolution called The Viper. I don’t usually buy mascaras as I’m really fussy about them so I’m curious to see how good this one is for only £2!