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Soft Date Night Makeup

Hey everyone!

I went on a date the other night with my fiance, Kieron, and even though I wasn’t going to put much make up on, I used my new Revolution eye shadow palette and my new Revolution lip gloss.

I used my new E.L.F purchases for my face (you can read the post here) and set the make up with Rimmels Loose Powder in translucent. I used Revolution Duo Face Sculpt for the hollows of my cheeks, forehead and nose contouring. To highlight I used Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter  in Peach Lights.

For the eyes I used Revolution Flawless palette in 16G and I used the champagne colour on my lid and brow bone and a soft brown for my crease. I used Rimmel Scandal Eyes Curve Alert mascara (one of my favourites) and Soap and Glory Archery Brow for my eye brows.


For the lips I used the Revolution lip gloss from the ultra nude set, it was the middle shade.


I really liked this look as it was light and made me look a lot less tired as I’ve not been sleeping well recently. I’d like to set up a Youtube channel soon so I can film my tutorials! If you’d like to know how I did this look, comment below and I was make a post about it 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Why are People So Damn Unhelpful!!! #3

So this post is a little out of the ordinary for me, you could almost say it is a rant! So, I’ll start from the beginning.

Myself, my sister Emily (Emmimori) and my fiance were out for a day out in Ramsgate today, and we were having a walk around town. My fiance loves looking in furniture shops so e went and had a look in the Pilgrims Hospice charity shop as they had a big furniture section at the back. I walked in there with my phone and glasses in hand and had a look around. I found these gorgeous glasses and decided to buy them so I walked over to the checkout with them and was served by an old woman who seemed quite nice.

We left the shop as they were closing soon and walked on for about 10 minutes. I went to put my sunglasses back on and it was then that I realised I didn’t have them. Were had I put them?? The case was big enough, how could I lose it!? I double checked my handbag and nothing! If it were any other pair of sunglasses I wouldn’t have minded but they were my prescription pair and cost me £90 so losing them was the last thing I wanted! I traced my steps back and realised I could have left them in the Pilgrims Hospice Charity shop so we ran back as they had already closed in hopes someone was still there.

My fiance got there first and was knocking on the glass, the woman behind the checkout was clearly ignoring him so I banged slightly harder on the window to grab her attention and signed for her to come over. She unlocked the door and I explained my missing glasses situation. All she said to me was “you didn’t leave any glasses on the desk”… That wasn’t what I had asked, I asked if they were anywhere in the store! All I was hoping for was either for her to have a quick look for me or to let me have a look and that definitely seemed like too much to ask.

She closed and locked the door and we began to walk away. It was then that I realised I couldn’t find my phone in my pocket. Slightly freaking out, I tore my bag open and it wasn’t in there either!! I had absolutely no idea what to do! I had old photos with no backups, I was logged into accounts with my card details on them and I had no idea where it was! My glasses situation was soon forgotten about.

Emily was calling my phone as we were making our way back to the amusements as that was the only other place I had been to and I was close to tears at this point. After a few calls, a man had finally picked up! Emily spoke to him for a bit and he told her where he was… The Pilgrims Hospice Charity shop. He also said there was a pair of glasses with the phone.

I was fuming! we walked back the shop and the man was waiting patiently by the door for us, he said they were by the table where I picked up the glasses from. The woman hadn’t moved from her chair, she didn’t even come over to apologise for not actually helping! I was so mad. I was close to tears, stressing, I didn’t know what to do, and it all could have been avoided if she had just been a bit more helpful. Instead she didn’t care!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if the situation ever arises, always help those in need. My situation today wasn’t exactly the worst, I don’t actually think I’d have ever found my stuff if I hadn’t found out I’d lost it till later as the shop had already closed! But if I had the help from the woman, it would have saved a lot of worry and stress.

That’s it, rant over!! I feel much better now 🙂

P.s I also got attacked by a seagull today. It flew into my head, grabbed my hair which was in a bum and tried to fly away with it.

March Favourites

Welcome back to my second monthly favourites post! I know it’s a bit late but I really enjoy doing these so I’m not letting a silly illness stop me!!!! (COME AT ME, COLD!!)

First up on my favourites list is the Eucerin moisturiser I brought from Boots. I hadn’t read any review on his product or researched it, I just picked it up and hoped for the best. Since then I’ve used it religiously every morning. I really feel like it’s made a difference on my skin. It claims to give you clearer skin after 4 weeks and if I’m honest, I noticed a difference in mine after just 2 weeks.

Eucerin Moisturiser

My next favourite is the MUA loose powder. I brought this as I was looking for a cheap setting powder but after using it, I’m really impressed with it. It gives good coverage and a little really does go a long way!

Next is Avons Matte lipstick in Au Naturale. I’m in love with this lipstick as its long lasting and moisturising. I also find that it doesn’t really transfer.

I just recently brought the Lottie face brushes and they are probably some of the best brushes I’ve used and owned. The brushes that made it onto My favourites are the foundation brush,the powder brush and the contouring brush. The brushes are really soft and apply my makeup so well. I especially love how colourful they are!

Last but not least on my list is the Revolution highlighter. A little goes a long way with this product and it is really long lasting! I love it so much!

Revolution Highlighter



Revolution ‘The Viper’ Mascara

Hello everyone!

Today I’ll be reviewing The Viper mascara by Revolution. I don’t really buy mascaras and when I do they are usually ones I’ve had before. I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to trying something new as I don’t want to waste my money on a product that will make me look like I have 6 thick eyelashes (clumped).

I decided I’d like to try something new as I was feeling adventurous so picked up The Viper. It caught my eye the most due to the cool name and the nice packaging. The fact that it had cost £2.50 played a big part in a it too as I love a bargain.

When I finally tried this product, I was so pleased with my purchase! I found that I had lovely, lengthened, clump-free lashes! Also after looking at the applicator, I realised that it was shaped like a snakes head hence the name ‘The Viper’ which I thought was quite cool.

I would really recommend this product as it is low budget but high quality!

Much love,

Carrie x

Make Up Revolution The One Review

Hey everyone!

So this product I brought in my recent mini haul and it was labelled the dupe, and as soon as I saw that it was based on Benefits Fake-Up, I just had to have it. It seemed too good to be true at £3.


I’m still not sure what I think about this product as it wasn’t as close to Fake-Up as I thought it would be. When I first used it I also thought that it would have been the last time as I was not impressed with it.

It went on in a sort of liquidy, mushy-like consistency. I put this down the the vitamin E gel around the concealer being too much. The formula is definitely very different too. When I blended it in, I was almost irritated as it hadn’t concealed anything! It felt like I had applied it, rubbed it off and then it left a little oily patch behind.

I don’t think I’d be buying this product again but good on Revolution for giving it a go!

Much love,

Carrie x

My Mini Cosmetic Haul

Hi guys!

Sorry for the recent inactivity, not only has it been a busy weekend I’ve also been sick with the cold!!

Not so long ago, I went out and brought a few products and figured I’d share my purchases with you 🙂 It was quite a cheap shop as I do love a bargain 🙂


First up, I brought a new pair of false lashes as I seem to mislaid my favourite Eyelure pair.These only cost me 99p and look awesome! I haven’t tried them yet but when I do I’ll definitely be reviewing them.



Next up is Nailene super glue. I use this stuff all the time as I wear false nails a lot! It’s great and so handy to have, not only have I used it to glue my nails back on, I’ve also used it to fix the odd shoe or two!



Now on to the make up. I decided I’d try a brand I’ve not tried before so went for the pressed powder by Revolution. This only cost £3 so I’m super excited to try it to see how it looks.



Another product I purchased was the MUA Pro-Base. I’ve brought form MUA before, but only the odd lipstick or two (which were surprisingly good for £1!!!) so I decided I’d take the leap and buy a face product. This only cost me £3 so I’m looking forward to trying it as I was looking for something like this and was considering a more expensive alternative. It has different coloured concealers to be used to conceal different parts of your face (green for redness, orange for dark circles etc).


I brought this concealer by Revolution as it claimed to be a dupe but didn’t say or which product. When I took the lid off to see if I could guess which product, it was clear to see that it was a dupe of Benefits Fake-up so I decided that for £3, I’d snap it up straight away to see if it was any good or not. I’m really excited to see if this is a perfect dupe as then I’d only have to pay £3 instead of the usual £21!!



Last but not least, I have a mascara by Revolution called The Viper. I don’t usually buy mascaras as I’m really fussy about them so I’m curious to see how good this one is for only £2!